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Wyatt Little
of Houston
Kolanowski Studio

Following an early career in traditional industrial design, Houston Heights artist Wyatt Little turned to ceramic art after learning mold making from a friend. His concepts are derived from early memories of treasured, iconic objects—resulting in decidedly quirky and whimsical symbols of bygone times. Growing up watching “Saved by the Bell,” Little recalls those comically-huge phones—like the kind Zack had on the show—resembling a brick in size and shape and representing a major status symbol that personified that era of conspicuous consumption [costing upwards of $4,000 at the time!].


Wyatt holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from the University of Houston, Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design. His delightful handmade ceramic vessels are found in small luxury boutiques and galleries around the country. “The products themselves are surprising, but they’re also relatably nostalgic. ‘My designs are my way of immortalizing the things I’ve always cared about,’ Little says.” [BloombergCityLab, 2016.]

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